• Description

    This Native American Decorative Dreamcatcher Pipe with Antler Horn is a unique piece of decorative artifact with a fully functional pipe. This would look good hanging on walk in rustic themed houses, lodge or cabin. This handcrafted piece is accentuated with antler horn on its bowl and a dreamcatcher is woven into it, making each finished product a one of a kind creation. The pipe itself runs on a 24 inch stem. The leather fringes and beading add to its dramatic aesthetic.

    Features Include:

    • Dimensions: 30” long
    • Authentic Antler Horn
    • 24” stem for the pipe
    • Feathers and beading
    • Leather fringe
    • Fur trimming
    • Navajo Made
    • Certificate of Authenticity included

SKU: BM11-01

30” Native American Style Decorative Dreamcatcher Pipe with Antler Horn

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