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    This Native American ceremonial lance spear is an impressive craft artifact. At 73" long this is as real collectors item. Can you picture it on your wall? Our replica ceremonial spears are ideal collectors items for hanging on your wall.

    The spear was typically used as a weapon in combat by the Native Americans. However, this style of spear was used in ceremony to honor the bravery of its owner.

    Features Include:

    • Overall Length: 73 inches
    • Bone Tip Length: 6 inches
    • 16 inch Hanging Leather Fringe
    • Slight Variations by Product
    • Leather: Dyed Doeskin
    • Handstrung Beading
    • Two Medicine Bundles
    • Made with Rib of Saguaro Cactus
    • Adorned with Deer Fur & Beads
    • Imitation Eagle Feathers

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Native American Style Lance Spear - Lakota Sioux