• Description

    This fully-functional peace pipe with pipestone carved bowl represents the Four Winds. The Four Winds are also the four directions, sacred and meaningful to the Native American people. The winds represent:

    North: the hardships and discomforts of life, the cold winds of winter
    South: the good things of life, the warm winds of summer and the growing season
    East: the beginning of the day
    West: the end of the day and the end of life

    Features Include:

    • Dimensions: 23.25 inches total length
    • Bowl:  6 inches long and 3.375 inches tall
    • Wooden stem with leather and beads
    • Handcrafted by Santee Sioux Indian J. D. Wallenberg (Loud Thunder)

SKU: Loud Thunder--4859

23" Pipestone Four Winds Pipe