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    This Native American Bow & Choker Quiver Set is a true Native American tradition. It is hand crafted by the famous Navajo Indians, which features a rustic wooden bow inserted into a leather bow case with a leather strap for hanging. It is a unique set with excellent attention to details. The heavy leather fringe accentuates the rustic look of the bow and arrow case. The quiver also displays a medicine wheel with the four directions of earth. This is a high quality bow and choker quive set that looks awesome hanging on the wall.

    Features Include:

    • Measures 42” wide
    • Item created with natural materials
    • Heavy leather fringe
    • Hand stitched
    • Genuine soft deer skin
    • Medicine Wheel
    • For Decoration Only
    • Made by Navajo artist, Curtis Bitsui


SKU: bow-arrow-31

42" Native American Bow & Choker Quiver Set