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    The Deer Katsina doll is a wonderful piece of art to add to your Native American collection! Also known as Sowi-ingwa, he is a social dancer and helps in ensuring that the game is plentiful. In order to get a good harvest the following year, he ensures that sufficient snow comes in winter. This Katsina doll was carved by an unknown Hopi artist in the early 1970's.

    Features Include:
    • Dimensions: 20 in. tall (including antlers)
    • Green Wool Ruff
    • Antlers
    • Red Yarn
    • Turtle Shell Rattle
    • Carved Moccasins
    • Leather Fringe
    • Made by: Unknown Hopi Carver

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SKU: Hopi Carver

Antique Hopi Carved Deer Dancer Katsina Doll by unknown Hopi carver