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    Appearing in almost every Hopi dance, this piggyback Mudhead Katsina doll is a wonderful piece of art to add to your Native American collection! The Mudhead, also known as Koyemsi, often challenges villagers in games to prove their strength. They may also engage in games with the boys and girls in the audience. A dancer can easily become a Mudhead by donning a mask, especially when he's late for a dance. This Katsina doll was carved by Hopi artist Samuel Masayamptewa during the early 1970's.
    Features Include:
    • Dimensions: 14.5 in. tall
    • Leather Scarves
    • Leather Concho Belt
    • Fabric Wraps
    • Made by: Samuel Masayamptewa

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SKU: Samuel Masayamptewa

Antique Hopi Carved Mudheads Katsina Doll by Samuel Masayamptewa