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    This Burden Basket made by Hopi artist, Dorleen Gashweseoma Lalo, would make a great addition to your Native American collection! Made from sumac, this basket is often used for food storage, or to cultivate crops. This basket can also be hung outside the home, and the visitors are asked to put their troubles in the basket as they enter and then gather them when they leave. Many times, the visitors will find that the troubles have vanished while they visited.

    Features include:
    • Dimensions: 10" tall x 13.5" wide x 9.25" deep
    • Made by Hopi artist, Dorleen Gashweseoma Lalo

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SKU: Dorleen Gashweseoma Lalo--1172

Authentic Burden Basket by Hopi Artist, Dorleen Gashweseoma Lalo