• Description

    This Inlaid Southwest Steel Knife with case will feel as good in your hand, as it does to look at! The handle is fitted with tiny pieces of man-made stone, shell and agate and includes: turquoise, lapis, coral, jet and jasper. It has Native American style and the total length is about 9-3/4"; the steel is 5-1/2" long. It comes with a hardened nylon case with a belt loop. An impressive size to handle your projects, this Large Micro Inlaid Southwest Steel Knife will also be a really nice piece to display!

    Features Includes:

    • Overall length:  9-3/4 inches
    • Steel length: 5-1/2 inches
    • Turquoise, lapis, coral, jet and jasper stones
    • Hardened Nylon Case
    • Belt Loop
    • 2-1/4 inches long display
    NOTE: The blade is functional and very sharp.


SKU: 0009-41747-KF

Micro Inlaid Southwest Steel Knife With Case