• Description

    This Native American Bone Tipped Spear is handcrafted by Navajo Harold Mitchell. Inspired by the earliest form of tribal weaponry, he used a wood lance and wrapped it with leather and added assorted trims. They include jingle cones, silver or golden beads, horsehair locks and feathers. It's finished with a large bone tip that's wrapped in faux sinew. About 54 inches long, it comes with Harold's card and census number. This Native American Bone Tipped Spear is an affordable choice to add southwest to your décor.

    Features Includes:

    • Overall length:   54 inches
    • Width: 3/8 inches
    • Wood lance
    • Leather and Assorted trims
    • Jingle cones
    • Horsehair locks and feathers
    • Large Bone Tip
    • Handcrafted by Harold Mitchell
    • Navajo Made

    NOTE: The bone tip is very sharp.

SKU: 1190-41759-NC

54" Navajo Made Bone Tipped Spear Replica