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    An infant is considered as the most precious of all gifts, that's why the first cradleboard is often made after the child is born. This decorative cradleboard symbolizes the love of a mother for her child. The twin hero gods of the Navajo, Monster Slayer and Born of Water, represents the two back supports, which has a footrest attached to it. The footrest represents Mother Earth and is a reminder that it is on Her that we spend our lives. Both the back supports and footrest are made of juniper, the head protector of oak. The bucksin thongs represents wisdom and agility while the lacings represent power, lightning and sun rays. The medicine whee lis placed above the child's head to keep the child safe from sickness and harm. Leather color, fur, feathers, and decorations will vary for each cradleboard.

    Features Include:

    • Dimensions: 29 inches long including fringe
    • Made of juniper
    • Bucksin thongs
    • Lacings
    • Leather
    • Fur
    • Feathers
    • Medicine Wheel
    • Made by Cherokee Artist, Wetfoot
    • For Decorative Purposes Only

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SKU: DL09-Coyote

Native American Style Cherokee Made Coyote Cradleboard

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