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    Authentic "Windsong" war bonnet headdress made by a premier Navajo artist. This headdress is uniquely and delicately hand crafted with incredible attention to detail. It's made with burgundy and orange feathers including the major plume sewed to the back of the skull cap. The skull cap is completely covered with fluffs.

    This headdress is fashioned after the plains style, but is made more colorful for ceremony or display.

    Features Include:

    • Height: 34 inches
    • Width: 30 inches
    • Plains style - made more colorful for ceremony/display
    • Made with 47 black feathers
    • Beaded Rosettes are 2.5 inches round
    • Skull cap included
    • Designed and handmade with utmost attention to detail
    • Burgundy and orange plumes above brow band and on end of feathers with horsehair
    • Deerskin on each side over rabbit fur
    • Beads are glass beads
    • Used by various Plains Indian Tribes
    • Certificate of Authenticity Included
    • Navajo Made

    Certificate of Authenticity:

    This certificate of authenticity comes with the Native American Artist's name and U.S. census number indicating their Tribal membership.

    More About the Artist:

    We've been making these headdresses for over 19 years. Each of our designs are unique and available through our artists only. In other words, these are not copies, but original designs - an incredible opportunity to own an authentic and original Navajo piece.

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Windsong Authentic Navajo Indian Headdress WarBonnet