The Native American Spear

Native American Indian Warrior SpearToday, you can find American Indian spears that are adorned with intricate decorations that make it an eye appealing decorative weapon. The American Indians used spears for hunting, fishing, and combat. The combat spear was typically 8-10 feet in length. These long weapons allowed for an Indian warrior to stay a safe distance from their enemy while posing a dangerous threat. The tips of the spears were typically made from bone, obsidian, flint or other stones found in the region they inhabited. They spear tips were tied on with sinew.

The Indian spear was also used for ceremonial purposes. Each spear was decorated with feathers, each feather representing an act of bravery. The more the spear was decorated with feathers the more brave the warrior who owned it. Spears were occasionally accompanied by Indian war shields that made a decent two combat weapon package.

The Indian lance was used for hunting as well as combat. Hunting spears were typically up to twice as long as long as combat spears and lances for stealth reasons. The longer the spear the farther they could be from the animal upon attacking.

The Native American fishing spear was used by many tribes living close to water. This type of spear was used before fishing poles and was often tipped with a three prong point. This allowed for a better attack against smaller fish found in rivers and streams. They would often spear fish at night. Native American women were often prohibited from spear fishing. With technology increasing, spear fishing has become a popular sport because of the spear gun.

Today, the spear is not typically used for hunting and fishing purposes, though there are still tribes across the world that will hunt with spears. They are typically used for Native American wall décor collections and other adornment purpose.

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