Native American Knives

Native American knives are an extremely unique tool, and one that is easily identified. These knives were made from various tools and resources that were available to the tribes in each region. A common Native American knife is one made of animal bone. Sometimes referred to as an Indian dagger, this knife was short and pointed at the tip. It was typically made of all bone and adorned with animal fur or other leather decorations.

Before trading occurred between the Europeans and the Native American Indians, Indians used bone, flint, obsidian and other stones to create knives. The blades were tied on with sinew and the handles were typically wood or bone.

You may recognize an Indian knife more for its unique sheath with beautiful seed bead work. This bead work that typically adorns a knife sheath is extremely difficult to bead and makes for a beautiful decoration.

Turquoise is a precious stone that has become a trademark for Indian cutlery and jewelry alike. Many of our knives are made with genuine turquoise inlaid into the handles. You will recognize the turquoise stone by its impressive sky blue or moss green color. features a variety of Native American Indian knives based on ancient Indian tools and cutlery. Styles such as a deer antler or animal bone handle knife with a flint or obsidian blade are common replicas of the day.

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