Native American Weapon History

The Native American Indians were a very creative people. They have introduced the world to many styles of weapons still in use today. Although there have been various forms of the Native American weapons found earlier, the Native Americans customized their weapons in many ways that became popular styles around the world.

The weapons that will be outlined in this article were often times used as tools for hunting or camp use just as much as they were used in combat. The most popular of the American Indian weapons are the bow and arrow and the tomahawk.


The Native American Indian Tomahawk

While the Native American Indian Tomahawk originates from the Viking style tomahawk, its purpose was more all general. The Vikings used the tomahawk, such as the Franciscan tomahawk, as a medium range throwing weapon. The Indians used the tomahawk for camp us, combat, hunting, and ceremonial purposes. Sometimes you will find a tomahawk that is also a smoking peace pipe in nature.

The Indian tomahawk is typically adorned with feathers, leather, and various styles of beading. The head of the tomahawk, depending on the time period, was made from different stones and metals. The Indian tomahawk comes from the stone club that was used early on in Ancient Indian history. The stone club was basically a stick with a stone tied on the top of it with sinew. But soon the stones evolved into sharper stone and other metals as they became available through trade. offers a large assortment of tomahawks and clubs for sale to the public that represent many replicas and styles originating in ancient Native American Indian history.


The Native American Bow & Arrow

The Indian bow and arrow is unique to the American Indians in that European bows were typically fashioned in a long archers bow style. The Indian bows were much shorter. The reason they were shorter is because the Native American Indians typically used the bow to shoot arrows while on horseback. The shorter Native American archery bow allowed for a more mobile and lightweight attack weapon.  The Native American bow and arrow set was typically adorned with various feathers, leather, and bead work. The arrows themselves were tipped with either a bone spear point or a stone flint or obsidian head. The feathers on the arrow assisted in providing the necessary drag the arrow needed to fly straight through the air.

The Native American Spear

The Native American spear is a common wall decoration for American Indian craft collectors across the world. The Indian spear was used for combat, hunting, and fishing in many tribes of the Native Americans. Spears were occasionally accompanied by American Indian war shields. Spears were also a common ceremonial item that was gifted to the bravery of warriors in combat.

The Native American Knife

Native American knives are an extremely unique tool, and are easy identify. They will most likely have a flint or obsidian blade and a deer antler or bone handle. A more rare style of Indian knife is a genuine turquoise inlaid handle to go with the more modern stainless steel blade. These became popular after trading with the Europeans began introducing stainless steel into the Indian tribal cutlery.

Native American War Clubs

War clubs originated when Europeans began trading with the Native American Indians. There are a few different styles of war clubs you will hear about today.

  • Gunstock War Clubs
  • Ball Headed War Clubs
  • Stone Clubs

The gunstock war clubs are just what they sound like, a war club made from the stock of a gun. The ball headed war clubs are a club with a ball on the tip and they are sometimes tipped with a sharp arrow or blade for added combat effectiveness. And the stone club is most often associated with the tomahawk in appearance and style. They are basically a stick with a round stone on the end. These were popular before arrows, tomahawks, and spears. sells a variety of American Indian weapons. These decorative crafts are perfect for the authentic Native American craft collector.