• Description

    No Native American collection is complete without a genuine calf skin wall mural. Depicting a cowboy and several head of steer against a mountain prarie-style backdrop makes this wall hanging unique indeed. Other uses include using it as a decorative table cloth, or as a decorative couch, chair, or bed cover.This Native American crafted article is the real deal. It's the perfect blend of craftsmanship and value that will provide you with an accessory that is authentic yet fair in price. Each article is hand crafted by artisans from Native American tribes across America. This is most definitely a genuine, unique, and authentic Native American treasure.

    Features Include:

    • Dimensions: 35" x 32"
    • Hand Painted
    • Wall Mountable
    • Genuine Calf Skin
    • Native American-style horse artwork

SKU: painted-Hide-9

Calf Skin Wall Mural ("Stray Steers")