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    This Fringed Leather Indian Medicine Bag is a traditional addition to your regalia but it's also a unique way to carry everyday items, that are important to you! It comes with an assortment of trinkets that vary from one to the other. The hide is hand cut and machine sewn for sturdiness. These are about 5 inches long and 3-1/2 inches wide (without fringe), with about 8 inches of strap for around your neck or looped onto your belt. Made in our Native American artifact shop, each is slightly different. This Fringed Leather Indian Medicine Bag is ideal for tobacco and medicinal herbs too!

    Prayer bundles vary. They may include an arrowhead, a coin, a fetish, a piece of Turquoise or other gem and/or beads.

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Fringed Leather Indian Medicine Bag With Prayer Bundle