• Description

    This Gold Man In The Maze Silver Bolo Tie combines traditional Hopi imagery with our high quality, Navajo artistry. It's crafted in Sterling with a Jeweler's Gold (Red Brass) overlay and accented with a repeating wave design. The oxidized bottom layer provides a nice contrast! It's 2 inches wide and with the tips included, it's 44 inches long, on a braided leather cord. From our Navajo jewelry shop, it's stamped Sterling and hallmarked. This Gold Man In The Maze Silver Bolo Tie is a one of kind Southwest accessory that goes everywhere!

    Features Includes:

    • Jeweler's Gold (Red Brass)
    • German SIlver
    • 2 inches wide
    • 44 inches long genuine black leather
    • Navajo made

SKU: 0081-29574-BOLO

Navajo Made Gold Man In The Maze Silver Bolo Tie