• Description

    This Hammered Silver Gold Indian Chief Bolo Tie displays the iconic image of a Chief's head. The lost wax image is rendered in Jeweler's Gold (Red Brass) and is proudly displayed on a German Silver oval. these durable and quality metals offer an affordable alternative to the higher priced, precious metals. , it's 3 inches tall and 2-1/2 inches wide. it's strung on a 44 inches long 4-ply, leather cord with tips. Skillfully hand worked in our shop, it's hallmarked. This Hammered Silver Gold Indian Chief Bolo Tie is packed with southwest punch.

    Features Includes:

    • Chief's Head Design
    • Jeweler's Gold (Red Brass)
    • German Silver
    • 3 inches long display
    • 2 - 1/2 inches wide
    • 44 inches long genuine black leather
    • 4-ply leather cord with tips
    • Navajo made

SKU: 2196-23392-BOLO

Navajo Hammered Silver Gold Indian Chief Bolo Tie