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    Note: Due to increasing demand for this product, please allow at least 3 weeks ​for your order to ship as each headdress is carefully handcrafted by our artist. Thank you.

    This wonderfully crafted Native American Made Black Legend Warbonnet is a replica of the warbonnets used during the late 1800s to the early 1990s by Native Americans. This beautiful piece is handcrafted with brow bands, matching beaded rosettes, and with varying beading patterns. It comes with approximately 30 black feathers sewn onto a hevay felt feather fluff-covered skull cap with a single honor feather.

    Features Include:


    • 30 Black Feathers
    • Fluff-covered Skull Cap
    • Brow Band
    • Beaded Rosettes
    • Certificate of Authenticity Included

    *Native American Tribe: Navajo



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Native American Barred Turkey Black Warbonnet