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    This Antique 4" Traditional Native American Dream Catcher hold so much importance to Native American tribes, sacred holders of dreams, good or bad. It is believed that the bad dreams are caught up on the web, vanishing with the morning light. The good dreams stay within the webbing, traveling through the webbing to slide off the feathers, allowing that dream to come to light.

    Measuring about 4” in width and about 14” in length. Each dreamcatcher is made using the finest details as well as authentic materials. The sinew webbing of each dreamcatcher is made specifically for that dream catcher, no two are identical. Handmade by Darlene Edsitty or Nathan Boyd. Certificate of Authenticity is included. Owning or gifting a Traditional Native American-made Dream Catcher will bring protection and clarity to the dreams of the night. 

    Features Include:

    • Length: 14 inches
    • Width: 3 inches
    • Handcrafted by Navajo Artists  Darlene Edsitty or Nathan Boyd
    • Certificate of Authenticity
    • Feathers, trims and size may vary slightly

SKU: 0623-43699-DC

Antique Traditional Dreamcatcher in Tan