• Description

    This Black Ogre Katsina doll is a wonderful piece of art to add to your Native American collection! Also known as Nataska, he wears a fur ruff, leather bandolier with shells, a hide wrap, and leather moccasins. He also carries a turtle shell rattle, carved from cottonwood root, and a sword and bow, on his left and right hand. This Katsina doll was carved by Hopi artist Arthur Holmes Sr. during the early 1970's.
    Features Include:
    • Dimensions: 22 in. tall
    • Fur Ruff
    • Leather Bandolier
    • Shells
    • Hide Wrap
    • Leather Moccasins
    • Sword
    • Bow
    • Made by: Arthur Holmes Sr

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SKU: Arthur Holmes Sr.--0634

Antique Hopi Carved Black Ogre Katsina Doll by Arthur Holmes Sr