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    This Black Ogre's Uncle Katsina doll is a wonderful piece of art to add to your Native American collection! Also known as Tahaum Soyoko, ogres are disciplinarians with the main purpose of reinforcing the way of life to the children of the Pueblo. They usually have long, flapping jaws which they can clack loudly. They also carry a knife and a bow and arrow for hunting. This Katsina doll was carved by Hopi artist Womack Pavatea during the early 1970's.
    Features Include:
    • Dimensions: 25 in. tall
    • Feather Headdress
    • Horsehair
    • Cloak of Fur
    • Shell Bracelet
    • Shell Rattle
    • Brown Moccasins
    • Leather Fringe
    • Made by: Womack Pavatea


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SKU: Womack Pavatea--0633

Antique Hopi Carved Black Ogre's Uncle Katsina Doll by Womack Pavatea