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    32 Feather Native American Headdress Warbonnet

    Masterfully crafted imitation eagle feather headdress adorned with fluff covered crown, major plume, rabbit fur drops, horsehair tips, and beaded browband and rosettes.

    Our Native American Headdresses are usually in stock ready for immediate shipping. However, delivery time may vary depending on color selected.

    This is one of the most impressive warbonnet headdress kits we have ever come across. All beadwork on this headdress is Indian made. (Product image shows white base and red tip feathers)

    Features Include:

    • One warbonnet crown
    • One Indian beaded rosettes
    • Genuine Leather strips
    • 1/2 rabbit hide and ribbon
    • One primary lace, one secondary lace
    • One bottle craft glue
    • One bunch horsehair
    • One spool wrapping thread
    • One set illustrated instructions
    • 32 imitation eagle feathers - 12"-14"
    • 64 select base plumes (select colors above)
    • 36 select tip plus (select colors above)
    • One major plume spike and fluff
    • Felt square material
    • One Indian beaded browband
    *Note: This kit has intricate instructions for assembly. If you are inexperienced with these types of crafts it is recommended that you purchase a ready made warbonnet headdress instead of a kit. It also does not include the tapered dowels or major plumes. What is listed above is what comes in the kits.

    Q & A:

    Why does my headdress smell like mothballs?

    We use mothballs as a deterrent for molds and insects in most items that are shipped.

    How do I get rid of the mothball smell on my headdress?

    The mothball smell can be cured by letting the headdress air out outside. Another quicker alternative would be lightly spraying of an odor neutralizer such as Febreeze.

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Deluxe Native American Style Headdress Warbonnet Kit