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    Plum Feathers
    Horse hair


    Full size full plume ready-made headdress warbonnet with double trailer. It doesn't get prettier than this! A beautiful masterpiece in itself, get it for your Native American collection and you will never regret it. (Product image shows white base and red tip feathers)

    Features Include:

    • 90 imitation eagle feathers
    • Fluff covered crown
    • Rabbit fur drops
    • Horsehair tips
    • Major plume
    • Beaded browband
    • Rosettes

    Q & A:

    Why does my headdress smell like mothballs?

    We use mothballs as a deterrent for molds and insects in most items that are shipped.

    How do I get rid of the mothball smell on my headdress?

    The mothball smell can be cured by letting the headdress air out outside. Another quicker alternative would be lightly spraying of an odor neutralizer such as Febreeze.


SKU: 4542-010-001

Deluxe Ready-Made Headdress Warbonnet - Double Trailer