About the Native American Crow Tribe

The Crow tribe previously lived in what they call as Yellowstone River Valley, which extends from Wyoming, through Montana and into North Dakota. Presently, they are now in the federally recognized Crow Tribe of Montana. They were friendly with the whites and managed to retain a large reservation of land over 9,300km despite losses. The Crow tribe maintained a herd of 300 heads and only operated a small irrigated land. One mine is still in operation, which provided income and employment to tribal members.

Fun Facts:

  • Apsáalooke or Absaroka are the names called in their own Siouan language
  • Apsáalooke means “children of the large-beaked bird”, however white men, misinterpreted it as “crow”
  • Presently, 85% of the tribesman speak Crow as their first language
  • The last chief to gain status in the traditional crow manner is Chief Plenty Coups