About the Native American Pueblo Tribe

Like the Navajo tribe, the ancient Pueblo tribe also lived in the four corners of the United States; Northern New Mexico, Southwestern Colorado, Utah and Northeastern Arizona. They lived in pueblos, meaning villages, cliff dwellings, pit houses and a range of structural houses. 
Ancient Pueblo tribe also lived in the Great Plains, in areas near Pecos rivers, Cimmaron and Galisteo basin. Pueblo people depended on the snow, as their source for water. 

Fun Facts: 
●    Pueblo tribe are also called Anasazi, which means the “Ancient ones” or  “Ancient Enemy” in Navajo
●    Hopi tribe used the term Hisatsinom to describe the Pueblo tribe
●    They live in structures that requires them to lift ladders in case of enemy attacks 
●    Their source of water are sandstone layers where snow melts and water would accumulate.


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