About the Native American Chippewa Tribe

The history of the Chippewa tribe is linked to the seven fires prophecy which states that this tribe where in the Montana regions and beyond. They soon migrated west and stopped in a place where Niagara Falls is, but they named the location “Great Falls”. However, another theory states that the tribe stopped at another place, Great Falls, Montana. Due to the Chippewa leaders refusing to recognize treaties in the country, it brought about a big problem of landless Chippewas in Montana.

Fun Facts:

  • The Dakota tribe named the tribe “People of the Falls”
  • Little Shell III, Lucky Man, Little Bear, Big Bear, and Ahontoay were the defiant Chippewa leaders who refused to sign the treaty
  • 4th among the largest-population among Native Americans
  • Chippewa tribe are also known as Ojibwe
  • Their language is Anishinaabemowin or Ojibwemowin


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