About the Native American Tarahumara Tribe

The Spanish first encountered and named the tribe Tarahumara in the 1500s. They established their mines in the Tarahumara territories and some tribes people were regarded as slaves to obtain more workers for mines. 

The Tarahumara tribe went to war against the Spanish, where they met at Fariagic and destroyed the mission of San Francisco de Borja.  The tribe split into two distinct groups, one which continued to move to Christianity and would largely lose their tribal identity. 

Fun Facts:
●    The Tarahumara language belongs to the Uto-Aztecan family
●    They call their men as raramuri, women as muki
●    Dwellings are usually caves or cliffs overhangs , as well as cabins of stones or wood. 
●    One of their main food sources are farming, however, many of the tribesmen still practice raising cattle and sheep
●    The area of Sierra Madre Occidental, is often called Sierra Tarahumara because they now lived there


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