About the Native American Tigua Tribe

The Tigua tribe was first discovered in 1540, by Coronado. He fought the Tiguex War against 12 of the Southern Tiwa pueblos around the city of Albuquerque. Disease and Catholic Missions brought about that war that also resulted to abandonment of many of the villages. The book “Padre of Isleta”, depicts the life of Tiwas Indians of Isleta Pueblo during the end of the 19th century.

Fun Facts:
●    The Tigua tribe are the only Puebloan tribe still residing in Texas. 
●    Tiwa is their English name, which was coined from the Spaniards 
●    Tiwa can be an Isletan term meaning “Isletan” 
●    The Spanish Tigua only applies to the Southern Tiwa groups


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